Expanding Horizons: Overcoming Limited Access to Premium Inventory with DSPs


Published June 11, 2023

Limited access to premium inventory has long been a pain point for advertisers using traditional Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). Advertisers often face challenges in securing high-quality, premium ad placements that can effectively reach their target audiences and elevate their brand presence. However, there are solutions emerging that aim to bridge this gap and provide advertisers with increased access to premium inventory, unlocking new opportunities for success.

Premium inventory is scarce

One of the primary pain points is the scarcity of premium inventory available within DSPs. Advertisers seeking placements on top-tier websites and popular media outlets often struggle to secure these highly coveted ad spaces through traditional channels. This limited access restricts their ability to tap into premium audiences and showcase their brand in front of engaged users.

Strategic partnerships are key

To address this issue, DSPs such Datawrkz’s Vizibl DSP have an inhouse teams that work closely and form strategic partnerships with premium publishers and media networks. By establishing direct relationships and integrations with these publishers, DSPs can offer advertisers expanded access to exclusive and high-quality inventory. This opens up a wealth of opportunities for advertisers to showcase their brand in premium environments, boosting their visibility and driving better engagement with their target audience.

And more to do to address the issue

Furthermore, programmatic guaranteed deals and private marketplaces (PMPs) are gaining traction as effective solutions to secure premium inventory. Programmatic guaranteed deals allow advertisers to reserve specific ad placements directly with publishers, ensuring access to premium inventory and preferred positions. PMPs, on the other hand, offer curated marketplaces where premium publishers make their inventory available to select advertisers, providing a controlled and brand-safe environment. These mechanisms enable advertisers to tap into premium inventory with confidence and precision, maximizing their campaign impact. Vizibl offers bundled services to secure both these types of deals.

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is another innovative solution to enhance access to premium inventory within DSPs. DCO technology allows advertisers to deliver highly personalized and engaging ad experiences that are tailored to individual users. By leveraging DCO, advertisers can optimize their creative assets in real-time, matching them seamlessly with available premium inventory. This approach not only enhances the visibility and effectiveness of ad campaigns but also increases the chances of securing premium placements that align with the context and user preferences.

In summary

Limited access to premium inventory has posed challenges for advertisers using traditional DSPs. However, solutions are emerging to address this pain point and provide advertisers with expanded opportunities to tap into premium environments. Strategic partnerships with premium publishers, programmatic guaranteed deals, private marketplaces, and dynamic creative optimization offer avenues for advertisers to secure premium placements and elevate their brand presence. Come, let’s explore new horizons and embrace the power of premium placements within DSPs.

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