Elevating Your Experience: Addressing Customer Service and Support Challenges in DSPs


Published June 13, 2023

Customer service and support are crucial components of any successful partnership, and this holds true for advertisers using Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). However, navigating customer service and support challenges within traditional DSPs can sometimes be frustrating, leaving advertisers feeling unsupported and unable to fully leverage the platform’s capabilities. Fortunately, the industry is recognizing the importance of excellent customer service, and new age DSPs address these pain points and provide advertisers with the support they need to thrive.

One of the primary pain points is the lack of personalized and timely customer service within DSPs. Advertisers often face difficulties in getting prompt responses or finding dedicated support for their specific needs. To tackle this issue, DSPs such as Datawrkz’s Vizibl DSP are prioritizing customer service by offering dedicated account managers or customer success teams. These experts act as trusted advisors, providing personalized guidance and support throughout the campaign lifecycle. By establishing a direct line of communication, advertisers can address their concerns, receive timely assistance, and collaborate on strategies to optimize their campaigns effectively.

Another challenge is the complexity of DSPs, which can make it challenging for advertisers to fully understand and utilize the platform’s features. To address this pain point, DSPs such as Vizibl are investing in comprehensive onboarding processes. In addition to free training sessions, they provide free managed service for a limited period to handhold the customers till they are comfortable with the platform. By empowering advertisers with in-depth knowledge and understanding, DSPs enable them to make the most of the platform’s capabilities and drive successful campaigns.

To conclude, it is a known fact that customer service and support challenges within DSPs can hinder advertisers from fully capitalizing on the platform’s potential. However, solutions are emerging to address these pain points and provide advertisers with enhanced support and guidance. Personalized customer service and comprehensive onboarding processes are among the solutions that elevate the customer experience. By embracing these solutions, advertisers can navigate the complexities of DSPs with confidence, optimize their campaigns effectively, and achieve their advertising goals. Together, let’s forge a strong partnership where exceptional customer service and support pave the way to success in the world of DSPs.

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