Unlocking the Real Power of Advertising with the Best Bidding Strategy


Published November 28, 2023

Google reigns supreme when it comes to online searches, claiming a staggering 83% search engine market share (Source: Statista). This dominance presents both opportunities and challenges for advertisers, especially in the realm of product promotion and visibility. To effectively navigate this dynamic environment, advertisers must integrate strategic bidding approaches into the campaigns that they run on any display advertising ads platform.

The sheer volume of searches underscores the necessity for brands to strategically position themselves in the digital space to capture the attention of their target audience. The competition is fierce, but the rewards for mastering the art of advertising visibility are substantial. This blog explores the essentials of visibility and unveils the best bidding strategies in the realms of display advertising ads platforms and programmatic video advertising.

Decoding Visibility: A Crucial Aspect of Brand Promotion

Visibility serves as the cornerstone for tracking brand awareness and engagement, allowing advertisers to monitor consumers’ initial interactions with brand offerings and expand their reach. Whether through social media, search engines, or other platforms, the visibility of an ad shown using a programmatic video advertising platform hinges on its adherence to specific industry standards ensuring that it is viewable to the target audience.

Bidding Strategies: Navigating the Complex Landscape

A bidding strategy serves as the cost for impressions and interactions with advertisements, offering a spectrum of approaches to optimize ad spend and achieve specific campaign goals. In the realm of digital platforms, including search engines, social media, video, mobile, display, and programmatic advertising, various bidding strategies come into play.

Various Bidding Strategies on Digital Platforms

In search engine advertising (Google Ads), bids are placed on keywords. Social media advertising (Facebook ads, Twitter ads) involves bidding to enhance clicks, impressions, or conversions. For video advertising (YouTube ads), bidding options include video views, clicks, or other desired actions. In mobile advertising, bids are placed on ads shown on mobile devices. Display advertising entails bidding on ad placements across websites and apps. Programmatic advertising involves automated bidding in real-time auctions.

Choosing the Right Bidding Strategy for Visibility Growth

To enhance visibility effectively, advertisers should focus on automated bid strategies, smart bidding, target impression share bidding, and Programmatic CPM bidding when choosing a display advertising ads platform.

Automated Bid Strategy in Programmatic Advertising

Ideal for maximizing ad budgets, automated bidding utilizes machine learning algorithms and real-time data to set bids without manual calculations. By leveraging historical campaign performance and user behavior data, automated bidding optimizes bids based on the likelihood of conversion, ensuring cost-effective decisions.

Smart Bidding for Google Ads

Primarily designed for Google Ads, smart bidding aims to improve visibility and maximize conversions. This approach sets bids automatically, factoring in various identifiable attributes such as the user’s device, operating system, language, location, and time of day. Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC), a facet of smart bidding, refines cost-per-click based on historical data and contextual cues.

Target Impression Share Bidding

A subset of smart bidding on Google Ads, the target impression share strategy focuses on improving brand consideration. Advertisers compete for top positions on the search engine result page (SERP), gaining more impressions. By setting the percentage of total available ad impressions they aim to reach, advertisers control the visibility of their ads, with higher percentages leading to broader reach.

Programmatic CPM Bidding

In programmatic video advertising and programmatic advertising as a whole, CPM (cost per mile) refers to a paid ad model per thousand impressions. Programmatic CPM bidding, provided by platforms like Vizibl, proves efficient and cost-effective for boosting visibility and brand awareness. Impressions are priced lower than clicks, ensuring continuous ad display until a set number of impressions is reached, regardless of clicks generated.

Steering Through the Digital Landscape: The Future of Advertising Visibility

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, strategic bidding strategies emerge as a vital tool for advertisers aiming to stand out in the competitive realm of online visibility. Navigating through the intricacies of bidding not only ensures that ads are seen but positions brands at the forefront of consumer consciousness.

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The dynamic interplay of automated bidding, smart bidding, and targeted strategies reflects the agility required in the ever-changing digital ecosystem. By unleashing the full potential of advertising through strategic visibility, brands can create lasting impressions, foster customer loyalty, and ultimately thrive in the digital era.

With an excellent programmatic video advertising platform like Vizibl, you can automate the bidding process for AI-powered campaign optimization. The journey toward advertising excellence begins with mastering the art of bidding – the compass that guides brands toward unparalleled visibility and success in the online realm.

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