Reach Your Target Audiences Using Amazon First-party Signals


Published February 14, 2024

Programmatic advertising is a powerful way to reach and engage your target customers across the web. But with so many options and platforms available, how do you choose the best one for your goals and budget?

In the dynamic landscape of programmatic advertising, choosing the right platform is crucial for advertisers aiming to efficiently reach and engage their target customers. Vizibl DSP is a game-changing, self-serve demand-side platform tailored for advertisers seeking simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability. This platform strategically harnesses Amazon’s first-party data and inventory to optimize programmatic campaigns, making it the go-to choice for advertisers looking to maximize impact.

Understanding Vizibl DSP Powered by Amazon:

Vizibl DSP encapsulates over a decade of programmatic advertising expertise for advertisers seeking a comprehensive and self-serve solution. Built on a foundation of strategic campaign planning, execution, monitoring, and optimization, Vizibl DSP is designed to meet the diverse needs of advertisers across various sizes, industries, and geographies.

Vizibl DSP gives you access to an extensive array of Amazon’s owned and operated websites and applications, as well as third-party exchanges and private marketplaces. You can use Vizibl DSP to create and manage display and video ads that target Amazon audiences based on their shopping behavior, intent, purchase history, demographics, and look-alike segments.

Vizibl DSP is easy to use and offers flexible controls and reporting features. You can set up your campaigns in minutes, refine your audience selection based on key product attributes, and assign separate bids for each audience segment. You can also track your campaign performance and insights with downloadable reports and metrics.

And all of this with no minimum spending and long-term contracts!

How can Vizibl DSP powered by Amazon audiences help you grow your business and achieve your goals?

Increase brand awareness and consideration:

With Vizibl DSP, you can introduce your products to new audiences who are interested in similar products or categories on Amazon. You can also use lifestyle and in-market audiences to reach customers who match your brand’s core persona. By showing them relevant and engaging ads, you can increase your brand awareness and consideration among potential customers.

Drive conversions and sales:

With Vizibl DSP, you can remarket to customers who have viewed your product detail pages or similar products on Amazon. You can also use views remarketing to reach customers who have viewed any category on Amazon. By showing them personalized and timely ads, you can drive them back to your product pages and increase conversions and sales.

Build customer loyalty and retention:

With Vizibl DSP, you can onboard your audiences and remarket to your existing customers. You can also use advertiser audiences to reach customers interacting with your brand on other channels, such as your website, email, or social media. By showing them relevant and valuable ads, you can build customer loyalty and retention, and encourage repeat purchases.

How can you get started with Vizibl DSP?

  • Request a Demo: Begin your journey with a demo to access the powerful platform and receive expert support.
  • Account Setup and Optimization: Benefit from assistance in setting up accounts, crafting effective campaigns, and optimizing performance.
  • Educational Resources: Explore additional resources and webinars to deepen your understanding of Vizibl DSP and programmatic advertising tailored for advertisers.

With Vizibl DSP, you can take your programmatic campaigns to the next level and reach Amazon audiences with the most precise intent and relevance. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business and achieve your goals with Vizibl DSP, the best tool for Amazon audiences.

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