Crypto Advertising: How To Run Successful Cryptocurrency Ads


Published July 2, 2024

An estimated 600 million USD was spent on 2023 Super Bowl advertisements. And yet, not a dollar on crypto ads. (Source: Statista)

Why was there no representation of an industry that has contributed to the US economy in the last decade?

This is because crypto companies face massive advertising challenges.

Regulatory restrictions in many countries limit the channels and methods for promoting financial products, including cryptocurrencies. Major online advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have implemented bans or restrictions on crypto ads due to concerns about fraud. Due to the opaque regulatory climate within crypto, a vast majority of cryptocurrency projects are unable to attain these permits – despite being perfectly credible and legitimate projects. What’s more? The market has always been associated with volatility, speculation, and fraud – this negative perception makes mainstream digital advertising risky.

The crypto audience is by default tech-savvy and traditional advertising has less chance of harboring attention. Digital advertising is the way to go.

But how do you navigate this web of regulations and restrictions?

The first step is to take the time and effort to understand your crypto audience:
  • Age – The newness of the industry and digital skills required to do well in crypto allows the younger generation to chart the course with crypto investments. More than 90% of all crypto investors are millennials, Gen X, or Gen Z, with millennials comprising nearly half the population.
  • Tech Savviness – Since millennials are considered one of the most tech-savvy of the present generations in the workplace, it’s a given that their tech savviness is a strong attribute of crypto audiences.
  • They Demand Value – It’s likely that your audience prizes value-added buys and seeks out opportunities that have already seen some success, passed through strict inspection, and are less volatile than some of the other products.
  • Decision Making – A primary cryptocurrency function, decentralization, unites all users. The decentralized market uses blockchain for all buyers and sellers to make direct deals instead of needing to include a buying exchange. This takes away decision-making powers from centralized institutions like banks and distributes power to smaller entities and individuals simultaneously.

Showing ads to the right audience on the right platforms at an affordable cost is the most effective strategy for cryptocurrency companies.

Why is digital advertising the way to go for crypto?

The crypto industry has been on an upward curve meaning there are more players than ever before. With it being a lot more crowded now, making a name for yourself just keeps gettingharder. That’s where effective crypto advertising comes in.

  • Spreading Awareness – Take the opportunity to educate your audiences about cryptocurrencies. This will help your products be more accessible and understood and is best done through the reach and automation of programmatic advertising.
  • Trust Building – Due to the volatile market there will often be tense situations or concerns about legitimacy. This can be addressed through digital ads, ensuring that ads are placed only on trusted and legitimate websites
  • Acquisitions – Ads often lead to direct sales. Digital ads can attract new users to the crypto platform, easily measuring campaign RoI.
  • Competitive Advantage – Effective advertising allows a company to differentiate itself, highlighting its unique offerings in a competitive market. Digital advertising can be highly optimized to target high ROAS
  • Education & Outreach – Advertising efforts also allow users to be updated about any new crypto developments and regulations. Digital advertising allows you to segment your audiences effectively so the right messages are shown to the right users.
Self-serve DSP for running crypto ads

Considering the hiccups crypto companies face with digital ads, a self-serve DSP irons out many of these issues, allowing you to control your ad campaigns while minimizing hindrances. With a modern tech stack and automation at the center, you get to run campaigns at your own pace and optimize on the go.

Here’s how this self-serve DSP can solve advertising issues for any crypto company-

  • Increased Efficiency – You can quickly create, run, and automatically optimize campaigns on a DSP. The UI and setup are usually simple and have been made to facilitate users of varying technical abilities. This cuts down a lot of back and forth with ad agencies and you can start running campaigns almost immediately.
  • Access to Premium Audiences – Find your niche crypto audience with exclusive access to a larger audience pool of unique programmatic inventory from our premium publisher partnerships. Run ads on leading crypto and Web 3.0 websites.
  • Precision Targeting – Target users based on their interests and intent. Use geo-targeting to go hyper-local with your ads and yield a higher return on ad spend.
  • Innovative ads – Overcome ad fatigue with different ad formats, and varied ad placements.
  • Brand safety: To enhance brand awareness and minimize any doubts it’s also crucial to choose websites you do not want to show ads on. Vizibl does this for you automatically, as a hygiene check.

Depending upon your current requirements, you might best work with a self-serve DSP or a combination of self-serve and managed service providers. Vizibl gives you the flexibility to choose either option. Our decade-long expertise is there to guide you to create efficient and
effective digital ad campaigns for your crypto audiences.

Over the past 18+ months, we have run numerous cryptocurrency ad campaigns on Vizibl DSP. The tactics that specifically work well for crypto, along with the learnings from these campaigns have been folded back into the DSP. Using allows you to unlock these strategies designed to benefit niche audiences like yours. We also wanted to ensure that you get to start running campaigns with the amount you are comfortable with. Unlike most platforms that have a bottleneck of a minimum ad budget (and not every business needs to spend that much money), with Vizibl DSP you can just load the wallet with your desired amount and start running campaigns in no time with Vizibl.

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