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    Feature Comparison

    Creative types supported
    Features Lite Advanced Professional
    Banners true true true
    Video true true true
    Connected TV true true true
    HTML5 false true true
    Audio false true true
    Creatives Upload true true true
    Creative Folders Maximum 3 Maximum 5 Unlimited
    Tags/URLs for creatives false true true
    Creative Third party pixels false true true
    Priority audit false true true
    Impression frequency
    Features Lite Advanced Professional
    Frequency unit Only Days Hrs/Days/Weeks/Months/Lifetime Hrs/Days/Weeks/Months/Lifetime
    Frequency caps 6 imps per day Unlimited Unlimited
    Conversion Pixels
    Features Lite Advanced Professional
    View + Click (Hybrid) true true true
    View false true true
    Click false true true
    Piggyback Pixels false true true
    Features Lite Advanced Professional
    Maximum campaign budget limit USD 2000 USD 10000 Unlimited
    Even budget pacing true true true
    Daily budget allocation false true true
    Underspend catch-up ASAP true true true
    Features Lite Advanced Professional
    CTR true true true
    CPC true true true
    VCR true true true
    CPA false true true
    Features Lite Advanced Professional
    Country Default to advertiser country Global Global
    DMA Codes true true true
    Postal Codes true true true
    Custom Lat/Long Locations false true true
    Features Lite Advanced Professional
    Device type All All All
    Creative size selection false true true
    Website/Apps - Allow/Block lists Define per campaign, No Reuse Create once and Reuse across campaigns Create once and Reuse across campaigns
    Website/Apps content category selection true true true
    Aggregated sellers false true true
    Placement Id level Allow/Block false true true
    Audience segments
    Features Lite Advanced Professional
    Segment pixels for retargeting true true true
    1st party segment upload false Limited to 10 Unlimited
    3rd party segment access true true true
    System Level (OS, Browsers, Device models etc) false true true
    Day parting true true true
    Deals true true true
    Video player settings false true true
    Splits false Limited to 2 per campaign Unlimited
    Features Lite Advanced Professional
    Campaign analytics report true true true
    Site domain performance report true true true
    Device analytics report false true true
    Video analytics report false true true
    Buyer geo analytics report false true true