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Here's what our clients have to say

We design and build beautiful digital products that make a difference

No minimums on self-serve programmatic campaigns

Connected TV and other programmatic campaigns made easy

Precision targeting to deliver guaranteed results

Tried and tested optimization algorithms to drive campaign effectiveness

Demand Side Platform (DSP) for agencies and advertisers

A simple yet powerful DSP, backed by the decade long performance marketing expertise of Datawrkz.

Plan, execute and monitor data driven programmatic campaigns with ease

Access to high quality premium inventory across global and local publishers

Different platform tiers to choose from based on your campaign needs

Diverse targeting tactics with 100% transparent pricing

Diverse targeting tactics with 100% transparent pricing

Leverage First-party data through Vizibl CDP

Leverage First-party data through Vizibl CDP

Granular campaign reports and intuitive analytics

Granular campaign reports and intuitive analytics

No monthly minimums and no contract lock-ins

No monthly minimums and no contract lock-ins

Channels for running programmatic campaigns

connected tv advertising platforms

Connected TV

Tap into the latest medium of advertising using Vizibl


Run video ads in both in-stream and out-stream


Reach out to highly engaged audiences on digital radio, podcasts and streaming audio platforms


Standard and HTML5 banner ads in Run of the Network as well as premium inventory

Affordable Programmatic ad platform

Depth of features and Targeting Tactics

Run ads using multiple media types - Connected TV, Banners, HTML5, Video, Audio.

Optimize campaigns for various metrics - CTR/CPC/CPA/VCR

Precision targeting using country / state / city / DMA / zip code / lat-long, 1st and 3rd party segments, private deals, time of day and day of week and more

Managed Services

We understand that everyone needs a helping hand once in a while to cross that little hump. Over the last decade or so Datawrkz has built a vast body of tribal knowledge geared towards performance marketing -

  • Media Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Campaign Execution
  • Active Campaign Optimization

And all of this is available to you through our managed services model.

Self serve Programmatic ad platform

Why Vizibl?

Zero minimums

No contract lock-ins & No minimum monthly spends for certain tiers


In everything we do. Direct access to all reports in the system with different metrics and dimensions. Clear breakdown of costs between media, data and others


Full control on campaign execution and ad spends

No Minimums Programmatic ad platform
Programmatic ad platform for Small agencies

Subscription Tiers

We understand that not everyone has the same programmatic campaign needs.

Our subscription tiers help you choose the right functionality that fits your programmatic advertising needs - basic to advanced and everything in between