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Managed Services

Leverage our programmatic campaign planning, execution and optimization experience

How can we help you?

While Vizibl is built to let you run programmatic campaigns yourself in a self-serve mode, we understand that you may need some handholding at various points of your programmatic advertising journey.

This is where our managed services team can come in to provide you the necessary white-glove service with Vizibl –

Programmatic ad platform for Small agencies

Programmatic Paradigms and Capabilities

Democratizing AdTech

Equal opportunities for all advertisers and publishers irrespective of the monthly advertising budgets and access to global inventory


Real time bidding gives you visibility on the dollars spent for each impression. You only pay for what you buy based on your own bids.

Client Centricity

Client interests are at the heart of everything we do and we keep it that way when we offer our marketing services to our clients.

Impact Outcomes

With a rigorous, hypothetical planning approach, Datawrkz helps solve complex problems and works with you to provide a targeted solution designed to impact results.