We understand that not everyone has the same programmatic campaign needs. So we have different tiers for different needs

Vizibl Platform  Tiers

Vizibl Lite

For brands looking to start running their own programmatic campaigns with low budgets. Basic campaign set-up workflow, with the full power of precision targeting and campaign reporting.

  • No monthly minimum spends

  • No contract commitments

Vizibl Advanced

For brands or agencies that need the full gamut of campaign execution, monitoring and optimization capabilities of a DSP

  • No monthly minimum spends

  • No contract commitments

Vizibl Professional

Everything in Advanced, plus everything unlimited – campaign budgets, creatives, reports.

  • Minimum 12 month contract term

  • Minimum monthly commitments

Feature Comparison

Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Creative types supported Connected TV, Banners, Video +HTML5, Audio
Creatives File Upload + Tags, URLs support
Creative audit Standard + Priority
Conversion Pixels Hybrid only + View, Click
Piggyback Pixels No Yes

Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Maximum per campaign budget limit USD 2,000 USD 10,000 (Unlimited in Professional)
Budget pacing Evenly + Daily pacing

Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Optimization options CTR, CPC, VCR +CPA

Campaign Targeting tactics
Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Geography Advertiser country, DMA codes, Postal codes + Global, Hyperlocal
Domain/App lists Define for each campaign + Define once and reuse across campaigns
Audience segments Retargeting, 3rd party segments + 1st party segments
Splits No 2 per campaign (Unlimited in Professional)
Other targeting tactics Content Category, Day parting, Deals +Placement IDs, OS, Browser, Carrier

Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Reports Basic campaign reports Advanced reports

Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Engagement Model Self-serve + Managed serve

Seeing is believing, we know.

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