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Subscription Tiers

We understand that not everyone has the same programmatic campaign needs. So we have different tiers for different needs

Vizibl Platform Tiers

Vizibl Lite

For brands looking to start running their own programmatic campaigns with low budgets. Basic campaign set-up workflow, with the full power of precision targeting and campaign reporting.

No monthly minimum spends

No contract commitments

Vizibl Advanced

For brands or agencies that need the full gamut of campaign execution, monitoring and optimization capabilities of a DSP

No monthly minimum spends

No contract commitments

Vizibl Professional

Everything in Advanced, plus everything unlimited – campaign budgets, creatives, reports.

Minimum 12 month contract term

Minimum monthly commitments

Feature Comparison

Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Creative types supported Connected TV, Banners, Video +   HTML5, Audio
Creatives File Upload +   Tags, URLs support
Creative audit Standard +   Priority
Conversion Pixels Hybrid only +   View, Click
Piggyback Pixels No Yes
Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Maximum per campaign budget limit USD 2,000 USD 10,000 (Unlimited in Professional)
Budget pacing Evenly +   Daily pacing
Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Optimization options CTR, CPC, VCR +   CPA
Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Geography Advertiser country, DMA codes, Postal codes +   Global, Hyperlocal
Domain/App lists Define for each campaign +   Define once and reuse across campaigns
Audience segments Retargeting, 3rd party segments +   1st party segments
Splits No   2 per campaign (Unlimited in Professional)
Other targeting tactics Content Category, Day parting, Deals +   Placement IDs, OS, Browser, Carrier
Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Reports Basic campaign reports Advanced reports
Features Lite Advanced/Professional
Engagement Model Self-serve +   Managed serve

Feature Comparison

Creative types supported
Features Lite Advanced Professional
Banners true true true
Video true true true
Connected TV true true true
HTML5 false true true
Audio false true true
Creatives Upload true true true
Creative Folders Maximum 3 Maximum 5 Unlimited
Tags/URLs for creatives false true true
Creative Third party pixels false true true
Priority audit false true true
Impression frequency
Features Lite Advanced Professional
Frequency unit Only Days Hrs/Days/Weeks/Months/Lifetime Hrs/Days/Weeks/Months/Lifetime
Frequency caps 6 imps per day Unlimited Unlimited
Conversion Pixels
Features Lite Advanced Professional
View + Click (Hybrid) true true true
View false true true
Click false true true
Piggyback Pixels false true true
Features Lite Advanced Professional
Maximum campaign budget limit USD 2000 USD 10000 Unlimited
Even budget pacing true true true
Daily budget allocation false true true
Underspend catch-up ASAP true true true
Features Lite Advanced Professional
CTR true true true
CPC true true true
VCR true true true
CPA false true true
Features Lite Advanced Professional
Country Default to advertiser country Global Global
DMA Codes true true true
Postal Codes true true true
Custom Lat/Long Locations false true true
Features Lite Advanced Professional
Device type All All All
Creative size selection false true true
Website/Apps - Allow/Block lists Define per campaign, No Reuse Create once and Reuse across campaigns Create once and Reuse across campaigns
Website/Apps content category selection true true true
Aggregated sellers false true true
Placement Id level Allow/Block false true true
Audience segments
Features Lite Advanced Professional
Segment pixels for retargeting true true true
1st party segment upload false Limited to 10 Unlimited
3rd party segment access true true true
System Level (OS, Browsers, Device models etc) false true true
Day parting true true true
Deals true true true
Video player settings false true true
Splits false Limited to 2 per campaign Unlimited
Features Lite Advanced Professional
Campaign analytics report true true true
Site domain performance report true true true
Device analytics report false true true
Video analytics report false true true
Buyer geo analytics report false true true