Video Advertising

Reach your target audience across websites and apps with programmatic video ads

Vizibl is Video Ready

Video ad specific optimization and reporting - Video completion rate, viewability etc

  • Access to premium video inventory

  • Show ads both In-stream (i.e within another video) and/or Out-stream (i.e as a standalone video ad on a web page/app)

  • Granular control of video ad placement – Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll

  • Vizibl brand safety and ad fraud protection

What are video ads?

Short form videos shown in the middle of other video content or as standalone in another video player on web pages and apps

Why Video  Advertising?

Unlike text or banner ads, videos provide the opportunity to express your value proposition with more creativity and personality

Offer a number of choices for ad placement – before the video content plays, in the middle of video content, after the video content plays

Ability to control behavior of ads – auto-play as soon as the page is loaded, play with audio by default, allow/block skipping of ads.

Seeing is believing, we know.

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