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Connected TV Advertising

Connected TV advertising combines the impact of traditional TV advertising with the precision of digital advertising

connected tv advertising

Vizibl is CTV ready

No upfront budget commitments and no monthly minimums - just run your campaigns like a regular programmatic campaign

Access premium inventory

Campaign setup and execution like any other channel, made easy with Vizibl

Precision geo targeting up to lat/long level, contextual targeting like based on weather

Vizibl brand safety and ad fraud protection

What is Connected TV (CTV)?

We all know about traditional TV (a.k.a linear TV) where content/programming is delivered via a cable, satellite or a good old TV antenna.

So what is CTV?

CTV is a subset of a broader content delivery mechanism called OTT (Over The Top) where content is delivered via the internet and consumed on any internet connected device – TV, tablet, mobile, desktop or a laptop.

CTV specifically refers to such content delivered and consumed on a large screen – a TV set. Watching YouTube videos using an Amazon Firestick on your TV or watching your favorite programs and movies on Netflix on your smart TV are some examples of CTV.

Why Connected TV Advertising?

Access to highly engaged TV audiences

Run your ads on big screens (TV) and capture the attention of your target audience

Performance driven

Drive and track campaign performance with multiple techniques

Granular optimization tactics

Leverage various data points generated in CTV advertising to analyze and optimize campaign performance at granular level

Programmatic enabled

Access CTV inventory through ad exchanges. No upfront ad budget commitments and no minimum spends

Not dependent on 3rd party cookies

Targeting based on IP addresses and multiple other ingenious methods

Features That Set CTV Advertising Apart from Traditional TV Advertising

Advertising on connected TV has significant advantages over linear TV advertising as more and more brands turn towards this modern type of advertising to cater to changing customer preferences. Here’s what makes connected TV ads a class apart when it comes to customer outreach:

Enhanced targeting

Using a connected TV advertising platform like Vizibl helps you target your audience more accurately using metrics like location, time of day, device, and more.

High view completion

There are many ad campaigns by brands who want to advertise on connected TV that get a 100% view completion rate. This creates a greater chance of conversion.

Elevated ad tolerance

Compared to traditional TV ads that spoiled the viewing experience many times, connected TV ads are not seen as intrusive by most viewers and seamlessly integrate into the viewing experience.

Continuous optimization

One of the best parts of connected TV advertising services is the ability to optimize ads based on their real-time performance. A programmatic connected TV advertising platform like Vizibl does this best.

The Vizibl Advantage in Connected TV Programmatic Advertising

For brands seeking to attract customers from connected TV advertising on platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Disney, Hulu and others, Vizibl is the perfect solution. Our sophisticated yet simple programmatic ad platform makes it easy to reach customers where they are.

Automated Optimization

With Vizibl as your connected TV advertising agency by your side, your ad campaigns are automatically optimized using AI based on campaign performance to reap the best ROAS for your investment.

Extremely Accessible

Contrary to other connected TV marketing platforms, Vizibl has an easy learning curve with minimal and easy-to-remember steps that help you create and run a campaign with just a few clicks.

No Minimum Spends

Unlike traditional TV advertising, using Vizibl to target your connected TV viewership does not have a minimum ad spend limit, making it an incredibly affordable medium for connected TV advertising.

Convert Better with Vizibl

Looking for the best among the multitude of connected TV advertising platforms? Choose Vizibl and see the difference.