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Vizibl gives you instant access to powerful demand-side capabilities.

Run ads where your clients are through precise targeting, regardless of your ad budget.

*Zero additional fees on media costs. Media costs will continue to apply.

  • In-market
  • Interest
  • Lifestyle
  • Demographic
  • Life stage
  • Look alike
  • Custom
  • Third-party


Audience segments on Amazon. Banner and video ads via one powerful console.

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Connected TV

Combine the impact of traditional TV advertising with the precision of digital advertising. CTA: Learn more.


Drive brand awareness and effective conversions through immersive multi-format display ads based on precision targeting and ease with programmatic display advertising. Learn more.


Engage your audiences with video advertisements for any device that your audiences might use. CTA: Learn more.


As attention spans dwindle, audio ads offer a non-intrusive yet impactful way to reach audiences during daily activities. CTA: Learn more.

Feature Comparison

You can run programmatic display banner ads and video ads using Vizibl.

You get immediate access to an extensive array of Amazon-owned as well as premium 3rd party inventory. This includes Amazon shopping (including the app), Twitch, IMDB, and streaming TV.

Whether you are a brand looking to start running programmatic campaigns or an agency looking to offer programmatic campaigns on Amazon to your clients, Vizibl provides an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that lets you set up all your programmatic campaigns. Once the campaign is set up it will automatically run within the set timelines, budgets, and targeting criteria.

4. I have my 1st party audience data. Can I use that in my Amazon campaigns on Vizibl?

Yes. You can upload your 1st party segment data into Vizibl and use that in your campaigns.

We offer managed services (at additional fees) to set up, run, and optimize campaigns on your behalf either for ad hoc campaigns or as ongoing support. Get in touch to talk about your requirements.

  • Vizibl works on a prepaid model. Once you sign up and set up your account on Vizibl, you have to add funds to your Vizibl account using a credit/debit card/bank transfer. Once those funds are credited into your Vizibl account (which happens within a few hours of adding funds), you are all set to execute your campaigns.

  • Actual speeds on campaigns (media costs, data costs, Vizibl charges*, any services fees, etc) are periodically deducted from your Vizibl account balance

  • Vizibl notifies you if your account balance approaches a certain threshold and you can recharge the account again to continue to run your campaigns

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Whether you are a brand or an agency, getting access to Amazon’s incredible audiences will supercharge your programmatic efforts.

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