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Why Vizibl

No monthly minimums, No contract commitments, Transparency, Self-serve capability, Connected TV ready, Granular reporting, Data driven campaign optimization expertise of Datawrkz and many more.

How are we Better

Zero minimums

No contract lock-ins & No minimum monthly spends for certain tiers Pay as you go and pause when you need to. Start small and increase your spend as you see results.

*Zero minimums are for Lite and Advanced versions


In everything we do. You get direct access to all reports in the system with different metrics and dimensions. Clear breakdown of costs between media, data and others


You have full control on campaign execution and ad spends

Granular reporting

You get every minute detail of spend and performance of your campaigns with multiple dimensions, metrics, filters across time periods

Full funnel expertise of Datawrkz

Datawrkz is in the business of campaign planning, execution and optimization over the past 9+ years and all this expertise is available to you in making your campaigns successful

Case Studies

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Leveraging CTV to Enhance Performance

The client is a US West Coast-based F&B Brand that wanted to leverage CTV to drive sales

connected tv ad

Connected TV as part of performance marketing mix

Top 8 reasons why Connected TV should be part of your performance marketing mmix.

Programmatic ad platform for Small agencies

Beyond the Benchmark

Health Insurance Marketplace for individuals offering subsidized health care plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Vizibl Functionality and Use cases

You can run programmatic display banner ads, rich media (HTML5) ads, audio and video ads using Vizibl
Ads are served on OTT/Connected TV, websites, podcasts and mobile apps depending on the selected ad type and device type. Vizibl leverages partnerships with various premium ad exchanges like Xandr and Rubicon, and serves ads on inventory available on such ad exchanges
Vizibl has access to various types of inventory including premium website and app inventory
Whether you are a brand looking to start running programmatic campaigns on the open web or an agency looking to offer programmatic campaigns to your clients, Vizibl provides an easy to use and intuitive interface that lets you set up your programmatic campaigns. Once the campaign is set-up it will automatically run within the set timelines, budgets and targeting criteria
Vizibl offers targeting by geography (including countries/states/cities/hyperlocal), inventory (device type/placements/publishers/allow & block domains), segments (1st and 3rd party segments), day parting amongst others
Yes. If such deals are made available to Vizibl from publisher/SSP, same can be accessed in Vizibl and used for targeting
Yes, Vizibl gives you access to more than 250 thousand 3rd party segments from industry leading data providers to choose from based on your targeting requirements
Yes (for Advanced and Professional tiers only). You can upload your 1st party segment data into Vizibl and use that in your campaigns
Vizibl has detailed reports that you can view on the platform or download and analyze campaign performance offline across different dimensions (like campaign, geo, segment, creative etc)

Vizibl fitment

Vizibl is a Demand Side Platform for brands and agencies looking to run programmatic campaigns across Display, Connected TV, Audio and Video channels
Vizibl gives you the ability to set up all your clients as advertisers in the platform and manage them as separate entities in the platform. You can manage creatives, audience segments, campaigns, reports etc at each entity level with complete data segregation between entities. You can also assign individual account managers for each client. Yet, Vizibl gives you flexibility to create certain segments (eg: block lists) at your agency level and apply them across all advertisers. Vizibl reports can be generated at each entity level or aggregated at an agency level
Ofcourse. Vizibl allows you to set your campaign with an easy to use interface and select varied targeting tactics including postal code level and latitude/longitude level geo targeting.

Vizibl Services and Support

We are always there for you to make your campaigns run successfully. We offer free onboarding and initial training services in the first 1-3 months (depending on the tier you choose) followed by ongoing technical support.
We have built Vizibl to be intuitive enough for those new to programmatic advertising to run campaigns on their own. This gives them flexibility and control on their campaigns and spends. However, we understand that at times additional hand holding and support is needed. We offer white-glove managed services to Advanced and Professional tier clients (at additional fees) to set up, run and optimize campaigns on your behalf till you become comfortable running your own campaigns.

Vizibl tiers and billing

  • If you are looking for basic campaign set-up and execution capabilities with low monthly spends or low per campaign spends, Vizibl Lite is for you. There are no monthly minimum spend commitments and no contract lock-ins.
  • If your requirement is to set up precision targeting (including splits within a campaign) and have 1st party audience data to leverage, then Vizibl Advanced is the right choice. Vizibl Advanced gives you all the chops needed to get to the most granular level of targeting. There are no monthly minimum spend commitments and no contract lock-ins.
  • If you have multiple campaigns running at the same time and have large monthly spends, Vizibl Professional gives you unlimited access to everything that Vizibl has to offer. There is a 12 month minimum contract required to get access to Vizibl Professional
  • Vizibl works on a prepaid model. Once you sign-up and set up your account on Vizibl, you have to add funds to your Vizibl account using a credit/debit card. Once those funds are credited into your Vizibl account (which happens within a few hours of adding funds), you are all set to execute your campaigns.
  • A % commission on media and data costs is charged as Vizibl charges
  • Actual spends on campaigns (media costs, data costs, Vizibl charges, any services fees etc) are periodically deducted from your Vizibl account balance
  • Vizibl notifies you if your account balance is going below a certain threshold and you can recharge the account again to continue to run your campaigns

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