Programmatic Display Advertising

Drive brand awareness and effective conversions through immersive multi-format display ads based on precision targeting with programmatic display advertising.

What are programmatic  display ads?

Display ads are banners or rich media ads shown on websites and apps in ad slots available on those platforms.

Some display advertising examples include ads with images, video, audio, text or HTML5, which have a significantly greater impact on the audience by leveraging videos and other rich media.

Vizibl is Display-ready

  • Vizibl puts your products and services in the right places to help you gain access to the right target audience.

  • Continuous Optimization :
    With Vizibl’s AI-powered optimization capabilities, you get the best version of your ads based on the performance of your ad campaigns for maximum ROI.

  • Simple Yet Sophisticated :
    Vizibl offers an easy programmatic display advertising platform that brands can use to build campaigns that run on complex AI-driven algorithms.

  • No Minimum Campaign Cost :
    Unlike traditional display ad campaigns, running display advertising programmatic ads on Vizibl requires no minimum ad spend.

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Why Display Advertising?

Apply precision targeting to serve programmatic ads to users based on their browsing behavior, purchase history, and other brand engagement parameters

Use your First-party data to target people who are already engaged with your brand via retargeting

Broader reach at a relatively low cost

There’s a reason why display advertising is so popular. But with everyone doing it, you need the right platform and the right expertise to outperform your competition.

Vizibl can help you quickly get your campaigns live and keep them continually optimized for incredible results.

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