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ROI-Focused Programmatic Display Advertising

Drive brand awareness and effective conversions through immersive multi-format display ads based on precision targeting and ease with programmatic display advertising.

programmatic display advertising

Display campaigns made easy

Precision targeting by geography, placements, device types, content categories, 1st and 3rd party segments

Standard and HTML5 banners

Multiple creative sizes & Control the frequency of your ads

Access ad placements through private deals as well as open bidding

Vizibl brand safety and ad fraud protection

What are programmatic display ads?

Display ads are banners or rich media ads shown on websites and apps in ad slots available on those platforms. Some display advertising examples include ads with images, video, audio, text or HTML5, which have a significantly greater impact on the audience by leveraging videos and other rich media.

Display ads drive brand awareness and traffic to advertiser websites/landing pages. These are relatively cheaper ad options to consider for top of the conversion funnel advertising.

Commonly-Used Targeted Display Advertising Formats

Display ads run using modern AI-enabled display advertising platforms like Vizibl are versatile and can get you better results through our wide variety of ad types for various ad spaces.

Display advertising has 3 primary types of ad formats:

Mobile, In-app And Interstitial Ads

These are some of the best display advertising examples as the number of smartphone users explodes. Available in large or custom rectangle sizes with static or animated elements, these ads are great for reaching your target audience on the type of content they consume.

Rich Media Banner Ads

Considered one of the most interactive ad formats, rich media banner ads are one of the key pillars of programmatic digital display advertising. They drive high interactivity and engagement.

Video Banner Ads

These ads are more engaging than other types of ads and are also not very intrusive. An experienced digital display advertising agency with a platform like Vizibl can engage more viewers with optimal placement of the video ad in banner spaces.

Why Display Advertising?

Apply precision targeting to serve programmatic ads to users based on their browsing behavior, purchase history, and other brand engagement parameters

Use your First-party data to target people who are already engaged with your brand via retargeting

Broader reach at a relatively low cost

Choose Vizibl to Get an Edge Over Your Competitors in Targeted Display Advertising

As one of the top-notch demand-side platforms for programmatic display advertising, Vizibl puts your products and services in the right places to help you gain access to the right target audience. Here are a few reasons why Vizibl should be your first choice as the best display advertising platform:

Continuous Optimization

With Vizibl’s AI-powered optimization capabilities, you get the best version of your ads based on the performance of your ad campaigns for maximum ROI. Leverage all digital advertising networks to the highest potential.

Simple Yet Sophisticated

Vizibl offers an easy programmatic display advertising platform that brands can use to build campaigns that run on complex AI-driven algorithms. With no barriers to using the platform, Vizibl is there for anyone to use.

No Minimum Campaign Cost

Unlike traditional display ad campaigns, running display advertising programmatic ads on Vizibl requires no minimum ad spend. This allows you to test out its capabilities based on your custom budget.

Get the Best Display Advertising Platform Today!

Take Vizibl for a spin and witness your ad campaign ROI go through the roof with our incredibly targeted display advertising.