Reaching the right audiences gets easier for higher education institutions thanks to Amazon’s first-party signals


Published February 22, 2024

Identifying audiences who are in-market for higher education is a complex activity. At any given moment, there are millions of people looking for information on universities, exploring courses, buying textbooks or are simply curious about what options they have for higher education and are casually browsing.

How then do educational institutions, with limited budgets and a world to scour for potential student enrolments, go about this intricate task of advertising to people who are most likely to be candidates for their programs?

Amazon audiences, with its massive trove of data around user behavior and intent, offer a viable approach for institutions struggling to make their digital marketing budgets work harder for them and get their message to the right audiences.

You might ask why the Amazon ecosystem matters to an educational institution.

There are many good reasons, but to pick just three:

  • 1. Intent-based Targeting: Amazon’s vast first-party audiences allow advertisers to reach individuals based on purchasing behavior, browsing history, and expressed intent So, if someone is searching for, say examination preparation materials related to an institute’s flagship program, they offer a much higher chance of conversion than someone browsing for socks or apples.
  • 2. Expanded Reach:Amazon has a massive synergistic ecosystem of properties – Amazon shopping, Twitch, IMDB for example, where institutes can programmatically purchase ads on high-quality inventory. So even if a potential student has moved to one of these other sites, it is possible to continue the messaging journey at moments that make the biggest difference.
  • 3. Better Segmentation:Being able to tailor messages to specific audiences is a key differentiator between good and average advertising campaigns. Amazon’s data allows institutions to craft bespoke messages to potential students depending on their activity – whether that’s purchasing textbooks, or researching housing, or exploring examination material.

Campaign analytics and automation matters as well

  • 1. Data that drives campaign insights:Without insights into campaign performance and user behavior, it gets swiftly difficult to optimize campaigns to keep delivering that all-precious ROAS. Real-time data helps to ensure that we’re not spinning our wheels when it comes to campaign outcomes.
  • 2. Brand Safety: Arguably, the most important asset an educational institution has is their brand. Fortunately, with Amazon, maintaining brand reputation becomes easier because institutes gain comprehensive control over where their ads appear. No more brand placement on questionable or low-quality websites.
  • 3. Efficiency: Programmatic adbuy helps to automate and optimize campaign management, which ultimately feeds into campaign outcomes and returns.
Vizibl DSP Powered by Amazon

For educational institutions looking to leverage Amazon’s inventory and audience signals to run incredibly successful campaigns, Vizibl offers a simple, easy-to-use self-serve platform that offers powerful capabilities and incredible reach.

Regardless of your level of experience, Vizibl offers various tiers of support and features, allowing you to run your campaigns on the Amazon ecosystem your way. With a host of targeting options preconfigured for specific campaign outcomes, it’s never been easier to get started.

Visit to learn more about us and the advantages that the Amazon ecosystem can offer your institution as it looks to ramp up student enrollment.

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